May 2021 Photos

We had an entertaining and enlightening discussion at our May meeting about the post finishing of the Sony/Screen Gem’s Film  “The Unholy”. We discussed the original shoot with award-winning cinematographer, Craig Wrobleski and his use of ZEISS Supreme Prime Lenses and the use of the SONY Venice Camera to achieve the mood he was looking to create in this horror film. 

We then spoke about the unique situation of the film being shutdown due to the pandemic with 10 days left still on the shooting schedule. Left without a fully shot film, our panelists from Temprimental VFX, VFX Executive Producer Raoul Bolognini, and VFX Supervisor Robert Grasmere, detailed how they created solutions in their VFX process to complete the film. It was fascinating to hear about all the hurdles that they were up against and how creativity and technology allowed them to have a completed film released on theaters this past April.

A special thanks to ZEISS, SONY, and Temprimental VFX.




July 2021 Photos

July’s meeting featured returning presenter, narrative filmmaker and entrepreneur, Noam Kroll, who discussed, Producing a Micro-Budget Feature Film: From Concept

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