November 2019 Photos

Our November 2019 meeting was full of exciting innovations. First off we had a demo of iZotope’s brand new plug-in called Dialogue Match. And taking us for a spin was LAPPG’s own Woody Woodhall, CAS who shared with us the three elements of dialogue replacement, EQ, Reverb and Ambience or Room Tone. He explained how one would typically tackle each of these processes, and then showed how Dialogue Match could match sonic profiles quicker and more streamlined. This program is another breakthrough for the iZotope team and we were thrilled to have had the opportunity to showcase it at LAPPG.

After a break we had the privilege of welcoming Misha Tenebaum back to the group. Misha is the founder of Editstock and was the winner of LAPPG’s LA Post Fest. This time Misha talked about his latest invention, EditMentor. As an assistant editor, editor and teacher, Misha knows a lot about teaching the process of editing. EditMentor is a platform he has created where students have an interactive experience while learning editing. It’s a very exciting endeavor and we wish Misha much success and can’t wait to see the great courses and teachers as this innovative educational tool grows.

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