March 18, 2013
18 Mar 2013

March 13th, 2013 Meeting

Another great LAPPG night!  Many new members joined us to participate in the evening’s presentations. First up, DC Shorts Film Festival Founder Jon Gann shared many of the insights and comments that he received from the questions he asked his fellow programmers and organizers about how they curate, collect, watch and select films for their festivals in his book, Behind the Screens –Programmers Reveal How Film Festivals Really Work (2012) . With surprising honesty, Gann told us everything from the 5 things NOT to do if you want your film accepted into a festival to how . Importantly he stressed that there is a festival for every film but not every film is right for every festival.

At the break everyone networked including some of Hollywood’s other film festival founders who shared information about their own festivals!  As an added bonus to the night the Showbiz Store & Cafe kindly offered our members 50% off anything in the cafe!

Then Enrolled Agent Philip Duncan of Robert Hall & Associates shared with us ideas for maximizing our deductions while minimizing your liabilities.  Filled with incredibly valuable tax information, Philip talked about the benefits of incorporating, the risks for audits, the deductibility of losses, the Fiscal Cliff and the 3.8% ObamaCare tax.  Attendees were able to get their questions answered and were offered a free 30 minute consultation at Philip’s office to go over their last two tax returns to see if there may have been some missed opportunities.


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March 1, 2013
01 Mar 2013

February 13th, 2013 Meeting

February’s meeting was a full house with two great presentations. The meeting began with a conversation between LAPPG founder Woody Woodhall and Digital Engagement Strategist and Community Manager Garick Chan. Garick shared with us information about how to maximize your use of social media platforms to engage your audience.

Many of our attendees have Twitter accounts but did not really understand the best use of them so Garick went into depth of how Twitter works. He discussed best practices with the various tweeting programs and their use on smartphones. We also explored how to generate more followers with the content that you offer. At the break many social media people and people from the Twitter universe engaged with our members and we had a fantastic networking break. Thanks to our host the Showbiz Store & Cafe the members enjoyed a nice variety of different types of delicious coffee.

The evening continued with members giving an enthusiastic welcome to Technicolor’s Marketing Manager, Colette Scott who shared Technicolor’s history and interest in supporting filmmakers. She discussed how LAPPG members were chosen to participate in a focus group prior to the product’s launch in November and how the feedback was extremely helpful.

She then turned the presentation over to CineStyle Color Assist’s Product Manager Asif Ahmed who led us on a thorough tour of the program with the help of Aaron Whitford at the controls. As we toured the program he encouraged us to yell out for the “looks” that we liked and the rewards were many of their awesome Technicolor T-shirts! Much fun was had by all and the LAPPG audience enjoyed being among the first to see a demo of this exciting product.

The night ended with two Color Assists being given away, one with Extreme Looks and one with Movie Looks and about 20 other amazing prizes courtesy of our very generous partners.

Thank you to the crew at Technicolor CineStyle Color Assist, Garick Chan, Jeffrey Stansfield, the Showbiz Store & Cafe, volunteers Scott Purvis and Shah Rahman and all our fantastic partners.