July 15, 2011
15 Jul 2011

July 13th, 2011 Meeting

Due to a last minute emergency, presenter Steven Roselle was unable to attend so courtesy of Motion Media we were lucky enough to have Application Engineer Mark Schoennagel step in at the last minute for eye opening demonstrations of some of the added tools found in the new Autodesk Premium Creation Suite that should be considered in every modern VFX production pipeline.

He showed us Softimage’s ‘one-click’ to Maya workflow via ICE. We also had a look at ICE effects, as well as the simply stunning Lagoa’s multi-physics engine – which could be the single greatest reason to ever own a 3D workstation! Many jaws around the room dropped as he shared these amazing effects and animations.

Then Metadata Guru, Philip Hodgetts returned to explain how Final Cut Pro X uses metadata and how to use the metadata to better manage your projects and their media. Final Cut Pro X is built entirely on metadata for media management unlike Final Cut Pro 7 and earlier.

June 10, 2011
10 Jun 2011

June 8th, 2011 Meeting

Our 3rd Anniversary celebration meeting on June 8th at 7pm was marked by a wonderful evening with LAPPG favorites Larry Jordan and Ricardo Silva and a healthy dose of cake for all.

SUGARfx creator Ricardo Silva returned to demo the amazing FXFactory Platform and shared with us the some interesting new features and the latest product releases.

Final Cut Guru Larry Jordan showed us how to use composite modes to create better and more interesting effects that you just can not achieve using filters alone. Here’s to a great 3 years!

May 13, 2011
13 May 2011

May 11th, 2011 Meeting

Our special LAPPG Adobe night was well received by our members in attendance. Filmmaker, author, and CTO of Bandito Bros., Jacob Rosenberg, introduced us to the new features of Adobe CS5.5’s Production Premium including: we saw the Mercury engine in action and how it powerfully can manage many differing codecs, frame rates and sample rates. With Premiere’s powerful scaling features, less powerful computers can still make real-time edit decisions prior to rendering. He also showed us the deep integration with Adobe Story, Adobe After Effects and the unbelievably powerful Media Encoder. Adobe has really listened to their end users for a powerful package of integrated digital film tools.

After the break Jacob treated us to a presentation on Digital Filmmaking including the different parts of a HDSLR camera, explanations of how they work and advice for choosing a good one. Jacob went in depth regarding the sensor size and how it’s operation creates an artifact that is known as “rolling shutter.” He discussed the origination codec of the Canon DSLR’s, H.264 and discussed workflow scenarios for post production editing.

Jacob is a wealth of information for any digital filmmaker. LAPPG cannot recommend his knowlege and services highly enough. For information on his consulting services contact Jacob@banditobros.com.



Jacob Rosenberg and Woody Woodhall

Presenter Jacob Rosenberg with LAPPG Founder Woody Woodhall


April 15, 2011
15 Apr 2011

April 13th, 2011 Meeting

Acoustician Bruce Black joined us this month to share the single best thing we could do to improve our room’s sound. Bruce discussed the four basic elements of acoustics: absorption, diffusion, vibration, isolation. The main issue is that early reflections can cause smearing of the sound field image and can also create a phenomena called comb filtering.

The #1 way to improve your sound is to disperse early reflections. A great tip that Bruce recommended requires two people. One person sits in the mix position and then a friend moves around the space with a mirror. When the individual in the mix position can see themselves, this is a critical reflection point that must be dealt with.

He described the differences regarding absorption vs. diffusion and various types of absorbers and diffusers. He also went into detail regarding room nodes as well as bass trapping. Some of this information was quite detailed and shed light on the importance of the room’s effect on the playback audio. His presentation was followed by a vigorous question and answer session with our membership.


March 28, 2011
28 Mar 2011
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