December 16, 2011
16 Dec 2011

December 14th, 2011 Meeting

What a great way to end the year! We held our meeting downstairs for the first time in the conference room adjacent to the café which kept us nice and close to the amazing smoothies and handcrafted lattes they make to order!

Scott Kase, of with his over 20 years of experience in buying and selling equipment shared some really interesting and surprising tips for getting the most out of our gear and how you can keep the resale value up by choosing the best brands and models that allow you to trade-in or trade-up at a future date. We all seemed kind of surprised that beta tape was still popular so we know there where more than a few of us that went home and dug through our closets!

And then due to a last minute change we had Will Harris fill in for Dean Schrim Courtesy of Motion Media, demoing creative finishing with Smoke for Mac. This all-in-one creative toolset offers editorial, conforming, color correction, paint, titling, and 3D visual effects. Talk about eye candy! Watching Will demo some of the 3D effects was mesmerizing and it’s always great to learn about other editing and finishing platforms and choices that are out there!

November 11, 2011
11 Nov 2011

November 9th, 2011 Meeting

It was a nice mixture of new and old members at Wednesday’s November meeting. Rorke Data engineer Daryl Heinis and Account Development Manager Teresa McPherson presented their award winning integrated file based workflow solution called Strawberry. Darryl took us on a tour of this powerful software including project management, project sharing, asset database and searching, team management and a morphing file system. Strawberry enables the same type of bin locking and media sharing as Unity, but brings this to Adobe and FCP as well as Avid. We could see why this was a Pick Hit Award Winner at IBC this year!

Then everybody was very interested in hearing from Will Pisnieski, VP of Post Production at Authentic Entertainment as he discussed Authentic’s plan to transition away from traditional DVCPro tape to a completely file based workflow. He spoke about his research into FCPX and how they are exploring abandoning their Final Cut Pro workflow that they’ve spent the past 10 years developing. Attendees got to pick Will’s brain and learn from all the experience he’s garnered overseeing Authentic Entertainment’s 45 Final Cut Pro edit bays with upto 35 editors and 10 online editors each accessing hundreds of hours of reality footage from a 175TB San Server.


October 14, 2011
14 Oct 2011

October 12th, 2011 Meeting

Our first meeting at the new location, the Showbiz Store & Cafe, was a high energy meeting filled with LAPPG members very excited about the new meeting space. The management and employees were wonderful and the venue was very comfortable. Plus, there was a lot of great food and drink as well as the latest digital filmmaking tools and accessories to browse and buy.

First up we had an amazing re-introduction to SmartSound’s Sonicfire Pro, which is an a powerful tool for any digital filmmaker. Frank Marsilio, Tech Support & Quality Assurance Manager sat in the demo seat and took us through a test drive of several customization sessions. We got a firsthand look at this fully customizable music library and saw how simple the software is to use. We also had the opportunity to hear the high quality and diversity of the music. He also showed us Quicktracks, SmartSound’s patented soundtrack creation solution for the web. It was an extra a special treat getting to meet Kevin Klingler, President & CEO and inventor of this patented music customization technology. He told us about the genesis and evolution of this incredibly successful and valuable product. And thanks to the generosity of Kevin, two lucky LAPPG members walked home with full installs of this amazing software!

During the break, members went down to the store and browsed the great selection of industry related products as well as ordered handcrafted coffee drinks and smoothies in the Cafe. All of the usual LAPPG introductions and networking commenced!

Following the break we welcomed the first ever LIVE appearance of 2 Reel Guys, Larry Jordan (FCP Guru) and Norman Hollyn (Head of USC’s editing track) who shared with us insights on the non-technical side of storytelling. We learned how editing and image manipulation and different choices lead to different outcomes in the way a piece feels to the audience. Through playback of the famous “Odessa Steps” sequence Norman dissected the edits and described the emotions created from those editing choices. Norman also shared some of his “stellar” acting skills with the group and engaged us in a very interactive presentation. It was a wonderful night for the LAPPG and we are so thankful for all who attended. Special shoutout to the Showbiz Store & Cafe for inviting us!


September 23, 2011
23 Sep 2011

September 21st, 2011 Meeting

It felt a little bit like pulling back the curtain and seeing The Wizard when we held our 3rd annual LAPPG Meeting at the DV Expo this year. Sony Imageworks’ Digital Effects Supervisor Daniel Kramer took us through an amazing presentation of his work on this summer’s hit feature, “The Smurfs.”

We learned all about the 2D to 3D character design challenges of creating these little blue guys including figuring out how fast a Smurf walks in relation to their human counterparts and the fact they can’t really put their hands up over their heads! We also learned about how they created the skin with a “blood” layer right down to the peach fuzz on their faces and how important it was to keep that specific Pantone shade of blue.

Daniel took us through the animation process, the on-set data acquisition and the new physically based lighting pipeline developed for the project. One of the highlights was at the end of the presentation we got a look at a layer-by layer look at how the Smurfs’ Village was created – right before our very eyes!

August 12, 2011
12 Aug 2011

August 10th, 2011 Meeting

It was great having Digital Media and Technology Specialist Scott Carrey back again for a presentation on “Best Practices for Multi-channel Distribution: Broadcast, Web, Devices and Emerging Media.”

Scott offered up his vast knowledge to also cover some areas the audience was particularly interested in, namely how we monetize this new technology. The presentation definitely left members excited with all the possibilities as well as the importance of the understanding the underlying techniques to create rather than just the specific tools to keep ourselves employable.