April 23, 2010
23 Apr 2010

April 21st, 2010 Meeting

Dan Green presented a platform for video content producers called MediaSilo. He talked about how this program has tools to help productions work more efficiently by speeding up workflow to save time and money. He discussed how to use MediaSilo for managing videos, creating and sharing reels, as well as auditioning talent via video, and even for transcribing footage. He also explained how this program can be accessed from anyplace there is Internet connections to store, share, review, or get approvals easily. He demonstrated how to use the program to track what others on the system are doing using a simple Admin widget. There was also mention of a FileMaker Pro server and how that is being integrated. We learned this system works on a PC as well as a Mac and it seemed that for those using an FTP site or spending big bucks on digital asset management software, this was really worth checking out!  Their basic “Home” account is FREE! We were all pleasantly surprised and excited to learn this fact! This gives you up to two users and 1GB of storage. The rest of the packages add features and storage space and are reasonably priced.  It definitely got a lot of our members thinking about how something like MediaSilo could help manage a more efficient and effective workflow.


The CEO of LIGHTIRON Digital, Michael Cioni, paid us a visit and discussed working with file-based media. His amazing presentation (via his iPad) illustrated the history of media as well as the file-based direction media is moving. He also discussed several cameras and filetypes and included an overview of the new MX sensor for the RED camera system as well as a discussion as to how file-based capture should be treated in preparation for today’s existing offline infrastructure (often tape-based) as well as for digital intermediate mastering. We also were treated to a screening of Michael’s amazing demo reel including some never seen before new RED MX ultra-low light footage! Boy did we get lucky!


LAPPG Member Tag Lyons was the lucky winner of the NewBluFX/LAPPG Survey! He gets to choose $1000 worth of NewBlueFX plugins!

March 11, 2010
11 Mar 2010

March 10th, 2010 Meeting

Gary Epstein of Dolby was on-hand to demystify Dolby Digital encoding for us. He spoke about the FCC regulation on loudness, typical recording levels and how Dolby is really good at understanding what the human ear hears.  He discussed encoding Dolby for DVD and metering your content for delivery to your client’s specifications – specifically focusing on dialnorm values. He also talked about the various Dolby disc and broadcast based solutions available today. He showed us many of their products including the Dolby LM100, Dolby E and Dolby Optimizer.  Thank you for making it all so much clearer! To find out more, check out the Dolby website http://www.dolby.com/professional/technology/index.html

Then the lovely Sophie Malten flew in from London to introduce the American audience and us our members to Farmers Wife to help us with our scheduling and facility management responsibilities. She showed us how this powerful and sophisticated scheduling and business management tool handles projects, bookings, cost tracking, time tracking, invoicing and financial reports in the context of the post production world. She also showed us how this software handles a media library (vault), labeling and dispatching and how it can help us increase productivity and streamline our workflow. It’s nice to have everything in one place! For more information visit http://www.farmerswife.com/

Congrats to Stuart Ferreyra for winning the big prize of the evening, a full Farmers WIFE software system And thank you to all our amazing sponsors for allowing us to giveaway over $13,000 worth of prizes.

February 11, 2010
11 Feb 2010

February 10th, 2010 Meeting

DP Chris Fallin and Post Producer Joe DeOliveira on behalf of Sony presented a comprehensive evaluation of using XDCAM and Avid to create a tapeless workflow. They shared the results of a recently completed test for shooting and post with the Sony F800 camera for scripted television. They gave an thorough assessment of the camera and workflow and explained the benefits as well as the limitations. They showed that with the high quality and substantial savings XDCam is making the leap from ENG. Experts from Sony and Avid were there to answer our questions and Sony provided a beautiful Sony Professional HD monitor to watch the footage firsthand.  Thank you Dan Perry!

For more information about the Sony HD Cam click on the following link:


Founder of NewBlueFX and product architect, Todor Fay demonstrated his incredibly simple and cost efficient but effective and powerful collections of plugins called Video Essentials. He gave us insight on how many of the plugins came about and explained how they work in relation to others like them out on the market. He also picked the brains of our LAPPPG members in attendance to see what new plug-ins they were looking for and wants to develop and create exactly that. He’s encouraged us to keep sending him ideas.  Get your ideas all the way through R& D and to the shelf!

Visit http://www.newbluefx.com/ to learn more about these awesome plugins.

Congrats to Stacey Hempel for winning a Sony Network Blu-ray Disc Player!

Congrats to Scott Purvis for winning an Avid Media Composer software package!

January 14, 2010
14 Jan 2010

January 13th, 2010

Adobe expert, Jacob Rosenberg, Director & CTO of Bandito Brothers, presented on the process and post workflow for the “Untitled Navy SEALs” feature film that his company, Bandito Brothers, is producing and releasing later this year.  The footage was truly amazing as they utilized authentic Navy SEALs personnel as performers.  Jacob showed how the Canon 5D Mark II allowed for many different hard to get shots.  His crew created many unique rigs to capture footage including helmet mounted and motorcycle mounted rigs.  With a combination of Canon 5D Mark II, 35mm Film and various HD formats the final edit will be turned into a Digital Intermediate which will be filmed out for theatrical release.

Jacob discussed at length his workflow utilizing both Avid and Adobe software and he shared his extensive experience with the Canon 5D Mark II which he believes is a game changer for digital acquisition.  He also demonstrated the power of Adobe Premiere Pro for its ease in accepting all of the different formats used within his project.   He showed how Adobe Premiere Pro knew the difference between all of the media, from Red footage to P2 card footage, even though each captures and stores information using different file structures and formatting hierarchies.  Premiere Pro was able to decipher the different formats and display the different media clips and immediately access the media.

Visit www.banditobrothers.com to read more about Jacob’s background and to see Bandito Brothers’ work.